Not only do you record a song of your choice with your friends, but you get to shoot a professional pop video too !!

Sing & Shoot a Professional Pop Video With Your Friends!

Find out if you really do have the X-Factor as you make a recording of your chosen song just as the pro’s do in our top recording studio, followed by your very own pop video !

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Not just your ‘usual’ annual kids party… this is THE party that they will remember for a lifetime, and each have their own DVD Video to treasure forever.

They will get to choose a song from our extensive song library. We will send out backing tracks and lyrics well in advance so they can decide on and allocate vocal parts, and have a rehearsal before-hand to make sure that everyone knows the songs well.

Our 2 hour Video Party gives plenty of time to record one song with everyone singing a few lines individually and then all joining in for the choruses! Or sing as a big group if they prefer.

On the big day, we will have a rehearsal or two under the guidance of our expert sound engineer/conductor before getting them into the studio live room to put on headphones and step up to the mic to sing like superstars! They will record all the vocal parts together followed by individual lines until they are happy with their performances. Just like their favourite popstars do !

Next comes the mega fun part as you will get to mime to your song as we film you. We will also take video footage of the highlights of your recording session which we can then edit into your final video if you prefer to create a “Band Aid” style video.

Some of our studio locations have a ‘green screen’ facility so with a touch of magic, we can transport you anywhere, so your video could have been shot on a dance floor, the Moon or even in the Swiss alps! We’ll give you some options of how you would like the final video to look.

Finally we will professionally mix your song, choosing all the best takes of your performances, setting levels and adding effects to make the master recording.

We will professionally edit the video and then in a few days they will all receive a cool DVD presentation pack to treasure forever!

Everyone will get a digital MP3 of the songs so they can play on their devices, and the birthday girl/boy will also receive a cool USB Card in a Digipack which will contain the song mixes, and they can add photos & video taken on the day to the 8GB card to treasure forever.  (Additional USB Cards and CD’s may be purchased from our shop after the party if required).

Time for a photo-shoot so bring your cameras, or camcorders!
Also, feel free to bring a cake and nibbles. We have an area where you can lay out food in all our studios.

This is superb fun, and an unforgettable, hassle-free party for your kids that they will talk about for ages and never forget! We have hosted thousands of kids recording party’s throughout the UK with amazing 5 star reviews so you’re in very capable hands.

Further useful info worth a read…

• Party Organisers Guide

Please contact us to discuss your party requirements, (including available dates) prior to booking online. Give us a call, we’re very friendly and can give you advice and suggestions from experience of how to ensure your pop video recording studio party goes like a song!

Available At The Following Locations:
Aylesbury, Birmingham, Blackpool, Bradford, Brighton, Chelmsford, Derry, Kettering, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,  Norwich, Weybridge


• Two hour exclusive studio session (additional time can be added on booking)
• Up to 8 participants (more can be added – max. number depends on studio)
• Unique Popkids Party CD gift voucher for the birthday girl/boy
• Set of cool party RSVP invites to send out
• One Song from our extensive Backing Tracks Library
• High quality backing tracks and lyrics sent in advance to practise to
• Their very own sound engineer / producer / conductor & film crew!
DVD for each participant in a stylish presentation wallet
USB Card in Digipack for the birthday girl/boy
Digital MP3 of mixed songs for all participants
• Gift voucher valid for 12 months
• Ages 7+

£459 for up to 8 participants, £39 for additional participants

• Enhance your party with our Additional Extras